Analog Gateways - Details

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Features Quintum Tenor AX 

Blind Transfer yes 
Call and Line Appearances  
   Call Appearances/line 2 (with Call Waiting) 
   Line Appearances 1 Per Physical Line 
   Physical Lines 0, 2, 8, 16, or 24 
Call Deflection  
   Forward All no 
   Forward Busy no 
   Forward No Answer no 
Call Waiting yes 
Can be used with Interaction Client yes 
   Additional Codecs no 
   G.711alaw yes 
   G.711ulaw yes 
   G.723.1 yes 
   G.726 no 
   G.729AB yes 
   GSM no 
   RFC 3389 (VAD/CNG) yes 
Conference yes - Flash Hook 
Consult Transfer yes - Flash Hook 
Current Firmware P103 
Delayed Media yes 
DHCP no 
Dial Plan Capabilities  
   Dial Plan Routing yes 
   Dial Plan Termination no 
   Inband yes 
   RFC 2833 yes 
   Passthrough Faxing yes 
   T.38 Fax yes 
   T.38 Faxing with security (TLS/SRTP) no 
FXO Ports 0, 2, 8, 16, or 24 
FXS Ports 0, 8, 16, or 24 
Headset Jack Dependant on analog phone 
Hold no 
Mute Dependent on analog phone 
MWI yes - Stutter tone 
NAT Support yes 
Network Interface 10/100 FD 
Proxy Capabilities  
   Backup Proxy yes 
   Destination Proxy no 
   Outbound Proxy yes 
   RFC 3263 no 
   802.1p/Q yes 
   ToS yes 
Re-Invite Support yes 
RS-232 Serial Port no 
   SRTP no 
   TLS no 
Speakerphone Dependant on analog phone 
Speed dial Buttons Dependant on analog phone 
Termination Character # 
TFTP/FTP configuration yes 
Voicemail button Set a speed-dial to VM direct 
Web server configuration no 
* Refer to the Install and Configuration doc for further information


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